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International Ecotourism Center Project in IWATE, Japan
This is an Information Poster in English.
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International Ecotourism in IWATE now beginning!
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Conference room for 12th and front dest for presenter at 1500-1800 in 10th July
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Detail schedule of July 12th こちらは7月12日東京海洋大学で開催される国際会議のスケジュールです。
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 2014/07/05 The New Schedule is now updated!



Monorail  transportaion from Haneda terminal St. to Tennozu Isle St. is easy when you come to TOYOKO INN Tennnozu- Shinagawa. Just only 15min. train and 5 min. walk.



Transportation from Narita to TOYOKO INN Tennozu -Shinagawa or TUMSAT

I recommend Narita Tokyo Shuttle Bus.
Check it! 

After come to Tokyo St. which is an end of line,  You can use Taxi from Tokyo St. to TOYOKO INN Tennozu -Shinagawa or TUMSAT which closely Tennozu Alse St. near TUMSAT(our Univ) around 25USD.

or JR Yamanote line from Tokyo St. to Shinagawa St. is available which is 2USD inexpensive. But the stataion have a lot of line you will confuse. Entrance of KONANGUCHI of Shinagawa st. is closely TUMSAT walking 15 min. and 5 min from TUMSAT to the hotel. 


Facebook of Jodogahama marine house where we visited and play marine activities in 14th July,


Here is Hayachine logde web site which we will stay at 13th July!



we can check visiting site via facebook page!


Here is web site Cerry  Salmon Summit in Iwate



The “5th International Pacific Marine Educators Network Conference” will be this year in Tokyo, IWATE, Japan. We are looking forward to seeing you! We are preparing an enjoyable program for everyone. Do not hesitate, come and join us! We are waiting for all of you.



This is a beautiful sunrise at Jodogahama where our marine activities will take place during the IPMEN 2014 JAPAN.


This place has a very peaceful and beautiful coast!